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Webpage for Entertainment such as Dance, my recent Dancing Green Screen video was a choreo I made for 3 dancers but as I don't have 2 other dancers I decided to do all 3 roles myself, I might make for of these types of videos in future with personal training stats & news as I progress.

14 Aug 2022 - Popping & locking every day.
Kind of a party, YouTube Royalty Free Music, a three persons choreo dance video.
Some of the dancing is in Hotham Park & Green Screen lab.
Street dancing since the 'eighties', Poplock Paul.

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This is the link to check this mega posts 2022 sub project which is part of our main 'Project-2022-project' with stats and other stuff as we try to find out what works & last year we got 465k to our 2021-project.
Visitors to our Megaposts 2022 Sub Project.
This is just to see stats of visitors to our megaposts 2022 only, in the past in just over a month we got over 12,000 and before the 3rd month was done we had hit 65,000 for 21 normal posts. Date Saturday 22nd Jan 2022 after 3 weeks preperation with 12 mega post pages, count starts.

Project 2022 covers several sites where I will be creating content for entertainment, mostly music & dance, Martial Arts and fitness are also included as well as stats an stuff.
Feel free to check how many visited us in 2022
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Project2021 saw us attract 465,261 visits as seen in screenshot below.
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