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DJ Clarke NYE 2018 / 2019 Sound Cloud Mix
I have counted a 'Sound Cloud Mix' of a friend and his music mix.
DJ Clarke NYE 2018 / 2019 Sound Cloud Mix
Currently over 62,000 this track has received a lot of interest.

To dance or not to dance is the question ?
This video has received 83,877 visitors to date 04th Dec 2021
A youtube video called 'To dance or not to dance' is the question.
I fought and now I am still rebuilding my stamina. Sometimes I wonder if this is like ground hog day, it is like life is handing me a shovel choice and telling me to dig a hole for myself but I'm a coffin dodger and not ready for the funny farm yet so I'll see if I can get my Stamina back to form. I have some dancing to do.

We Mean Clean Company
We Mean Clean Ltd is a Bognor based cleaning company offering wide range of cleaning services for your home and office.
Phone number if you wish to get in touch with you.
We have many satisfied customers & much experience in cleaning, etc.
This promo has hit over 70208 hits.

Beautify by Sasha Alexandra - Beauty, cosmetic & personal care
Henna SPA is a new concept for eyebrows regrow made of natural plants, 100% natural , giving you the perfect eyebrows instantly.
1 hour · £48
Henna SPA is the newest technique to achieve the perfect shape of your eyebrows.
The results have the results of a temporary tattoo with the regeneration of them. It is a simple painless treatment and natural that became a trend nowadays. !!! Henna SPA treatment uses only natural products without chemical pigments, using the henna powder !!! 100% for women that are breastfeeding or pregnant. 3in1 treatment: eye brow shape - the correct eye brow shape for your physiognomy, bio tattoo to fill your gaps, tweezing and trimming.

Read about 'Gary The Survivor'
Littlehampton cancer survivor dances around town to raise money.
Read about 'Gary The Survivor' via the Littlehampton Gazette
The television extra said he was attracting crowds of people in the street, with people filming him and uploading it to social media.

dont touch me, Busta Poplock Dance
This dance video has 36722 visits and is very popular.
Poplock dances to the 'Dont touch me' music track.
This video is considered viral by many fans.

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Check anytime to see how many visitors we get to our websites!
Project2021 saw us attract 465,261 visits as seen in screenshot below.
* Feel free to check how many visited us in 2022 *
How many visitors will we attract in Project2022 we wonder?
Check via link below to see our current 2022 visits...
In 2021 we attracted 465,261 visitors !!

In 2022 we are aiming to reach over a million.
Bumpy start to 2022 but we are updating web pages often.
Posts, videos & pictures about entertainment, music & dance, etc.

Just a handfull of websites I promo, YouTube videos, Sound Cloud Mixes and website pages.
I will be adding and might create a top ten with extended pages as I have many other promos.
What about your weblink, I aim to create a way to add other music & dance links in the near future!

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TPM stats page
Tpm stats page from sponser Ivan.
Ivans own little which I return double back.
Link project Ivanback.

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