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The Real Peoples Party

The Real People’s Party (RPP) is a political party that has been gaining traction in recent years. Their policies are designed to appeal to the average voter and provide solutions to the issues that are important to them. From health care reform, to job creation, and environmental protection, the RPP has a comprehensive platform of policies that make it an attractive option for voters.

As the UK heads into a general election, citizens are looking to their political parties to address the most pressing issues in their nation. From healthcare and education, to climate change and economic inequality, there are a number of topics that people want addressed.

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This is an online platform that explores and discusses a wide variety of topics, ranging from entertainment, security, politics & lifestyle including music & dance. It is based in Bognor Regis and is run by Poplock Paul, who has been involved in the music and dance scenes for over 10 years, since 1980 when possible but for serious 2017 onward. The website offers interesting insights into the world of entertainment, security, politics & lifestyle through interviews with experts and opinion pieces from people who have experienced it first hand. It also provides news updates on current events related to these topics so readers can stay up to date with what’s happening in their local area or around the world.

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Update, new ‘Bitoin Blogger’ website & ‘Pager Promotions’ added link, there is a link to a ‘Bitcoin Gaming’ website too. There is a dance video to entertain you from our musical Pager MG Farooque. If you want to get involved with bitcoins whether you blog or not we have links to projects & will be further updating as info becomes available. Have a nice evening.

Websites for Entertainment such as Music, Dance, Martial Arts Fitness & Stories. Also added a dancenews page and includes gaming & other ideas that have been seperated but useful in achieving many things under the Web-Project we have been running since 2007 upto current times.

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I often get to meet & work with many people, in this case I am writing these pages & updating them as I go, over the years we have worked in many sectors from security to entertainment. I have found talent & the will to try and change the world in a positive way, building a better future.

From Singers, dancers to politicians, we are a creative bunch. We have MG Farooque who dances & has musical skills, then we have MC who I will be writing about & his political ambition with questions. Peekaboo is someone who has great fitness & wants to get in the ring & do some boxing. There are others too.

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We did have a Minetest server but hardly anyone was using it for ages so we will update with a browser game soon as we have one, I might suggest posting about ‘Torn’ which is a great browser type game. Torn you can play several different roles but generally you can buy & sell stuff as you sell to get money & buy stuff like property. Sometimes the game sucks & other times you escape to fight another day.

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Stats for projects for Entertainment such as Music, Dance, Martial Arts Fitness & Stories. Also other ideas that have been useful in achieving many things under the Web-Project we have been running since 2007 upto 2017 and indeed up to current times as we have no idea or desire to stop at all.

Music Band Night

I created this website after filming pictures and videos of my Uncle Franz and the band he was with in the Huff in the Bognor Regis town centre one evening. It has been awhile since I have filmed or done any musical projects. I will be updating this website a bit at a time with some or most of the 57 bits of content I currently have.


Fitma Website
As an Experiened & Qualified Instructor currently under the BCA Association, I seek to share my way of self defence & philosophy of life, this includes Martial Art Fitness ideas we constantly test & push. This includes diet & fitbit stats as we try to inspire everyone of all ages & stuff to start with the best self defence of them all which is running.