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Look after your customer before someone else does, there is a book of how to make friends and influence people, okay, just look after your customers before someone else does. Okay? Because there's plenty of people out there, gonna do all sorts of things to take customers off your hands. Even martial arts has a conduct code or code of conduct. Just give all people you meet a nice greeting & manners, you don't have to be overly nice, that can be creepy.

Look after your customer before someone else does. I'm gonna talk about your customer, you got to look after your customers before someone else does. So it doesn't mean you got to bend over and you know, offer total control, but you do need to sort of reach out and show a little bit of faith. Why the customer wants other people look to him. Yeah, tattoos are small, like trouble when he came up to Jr saw as a chair, but I was also giving you a clean slate. Because I can imagine people to think the worst of you. I said, but I always try to look at a new customer. And listen to what they say before make. But what an impression upon their first thing, but I've got an idea that what's happened is someone's look to you made a comment or remark. And sure they had a complaint about one of the staff I said rival sort that one out and apologise on behalf of my co worker. And we'll have a chat with her later on. But you know, you shouldn't have been inconvenienced in that way or called to talk talk to in such a way that made you feel bad. It's not really part of our project here. But anyway, they said so yeah, so I was going to complain, but I can see that, you know, we were into the del carnage system. Being a member of the Rank Organisation. And Dale carnage will tell you look after your customers before someone else does, and it's so good, saying something that I think is one of my main sayings. And I tend to look after people when they come to me, because you don't know as it turned out, this bloke was had a big blog and was part of a newspaper in London. So the last thing I wanted to do was, you know, encourage him to write some bad stuff about us as it was he didn't write anything bad. I took down his details, and blogging. Paper, I mean, just going back some time now. And sure enough, when the main manager come in, he sort of thanked me and said, Yeah, well done for you know, listening to him and in, in a way should defusing a situation that could have well got worse. So with that, just remember, from Dale College, who wrote a book of how to make, how to make friends, when and influence people, okay, just look after your customers before someone else does. Okay? Because there's plenty of people out there, gonna do all sorts of things to take customers off your hands. So we don't want to help them and treat customers in the bad way. We want to treat me badly really, when you think about it, especially when you're making a wage of servicing customers. You know, you don't want abuse often, but if you're nice to the customers 99% of the time, they just want what some sort of custom from, you know, some sort of sort of service. So let's provide them actually. Okay, just remember to care for your customers before somebody else does. Word count 530

Conduct code. Like in most things, martial arts has a conduct code or code of conduct. And so what we're expecting basic the debate, give all people you meet, just a dream to be nice to, you know, you don't have to be overly nice, that's or even creepy. Just make sure they're okay. You know, how are you? Nice to see, you know, give give some sort of compliment, usually sort of volume just like Hello, hope you're well, first usually enough. Someone once said to me We English a bit funny sometimes in the way that we say are you okay? And we hope and we don't want to be stood there for like three hours with them telling us all their problems. Usually when people, especially UK say how are you? The respect is back? Oh yeah, I'm fine. How are you sort of like saying hello in a way. And it's showing a slight bit of concern for the other person but nothing too heavy because nobody wants to be sat there for hours listening to problems. In fact, the best known words of one of my friends, or due to old friends, you know, after two weeks of their moaning, you'd think they'd sought it out. And to be honest, most people like that someone goes on for two weeks, it's like, then it becomes a bit of a lie. And we go they're never going to get over it. And the eyes roll up to the ceiling Chyna code of conduct, just say hi, saying, are you okay is a good thing, you know? But I just if you're trying to get on with a woman, that's not really the thing you want to present often because usually a womb girl you know, on board is ready SaskPower home every day. And that's it really. So usually I look at one thing, Hey, I like the shirt she's wearing that reminds me of my table cloth. I'm starting to feel hungry now because I like eating of it. And usually that does bring out a laugh of a woman because a lot of your naughty. So you can be a little bit cheeky with people to a degree but obviously being cheeky and keeping respect. Respect being the key word you don't want to overstep the line can be too nasty or rude because obviously that's breaking the code of conduct. So respect I guess is the word. If you show someone respect, it's going to be k, okay. So that's basically code of conduct is treating somebody as you want to be treated yourself or not treated like a doormat, have taken a bit of Mickey sometimes put bevel after a cocky sort of attitude, maybe if you check the woman up yet, but you know, tell them about their patent design of the dresses really nice, but it reminds you of your shower curtain. That's my favourite one. And just see how they go. They can't take a joke like that, then they're probably not the woman you want. And if you do that with a bloke, and it's not a friend you want is it really? Like I say, sometimes people say things in noisy a bit with a smile, and just a double check chi to say, well, that's a funny joke. Why'd you ask that? And if they're like, Oh, well, I'll just want to choose you off that you know, okay, they're not gonna be friend are they? So code of conduct. I always try to treat people who have respect. And I will take the mickey now and then tell us a little bit. What it mean one of my friends we rip each other apart in front of people and they're like, he can't say that, but I know him for a long time. So I know that it's safe to say things. Code of Conduct respect for your friends. Word count 662

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