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I ramble about SEO and stuff about web sites, without relying on Google I am using other websites because it no longer seems to link in pages from the index page for various reasons, I could argue that Google seems to be broken but there also may be a lot of web sites and stuff it links that is just weighing heavily on its crawling & indexing.

Bognor259 dot com.
So the question is, what do I do with Bogner? 259 dot com, it's going to be an interesting one, isn't it? That was the original main website for quite some time actually could be anywhere to six to 10 years hard to say, maybe we'll find out the date when I put it up. Used to be a lot bigger. And he's have a lot of other websites. I think at one time, I used to have sort of 29 websites on blog, some PHP type. I think now I'm trying to round it down to boggler being the main site, I'm going to use folders and pages, blah, blah, maybe use a database, who knows? B 259 dot UK, that's going to be our main site for PHP, and sub sites. Because now, if you have a website, you have to pay for SSL, SSH, SSL certification, something like that basically gives you the HTTP s. Thing, security at the beginning of your site, something Google push for some of the things they push for it, it's unbelievable. Lot of webmasters were angry with Google, Google sort of pretty much dominated the market and brings up rules which I sort of understand some of it, because there's a number that just well, they break the rules, they try and game. Google that was a ranking system once I got to rank two, and free with another website. So I have a lot of traffic at one point. I'm thinking about breaking with Google mainly. It's one of those things where we used to have our own spider networks. So if you had enough people in the way, I've got quite a few people just recently sent me 10 to 11,000. Visitors because I trickle some back to them, or to them in the first place. And they were quite happy with the results and how many people? So? Yeah, do I need Google? It's one of the things because I seem to get most of my traffic from Bing, Yahoo. And recently Google just seem to get funny. They seem to doesn't take much turn away. I mean, they got all their little log log forms of penguins, a bat, you know, all these other things that you've got to be careful, you don't break. It's got a point. It's not really enjoyable. I just want to write. And don't get me wrong. I understand some of it. Some of you want to make a good experience for people. But they've gotten to the point that if you don't do it the Google way, you don't exist at all. And I'm not sure sure. I like that. It's quite sort of OTT in a way because a lot of people are just like, you know what happened to the freedom of writing blogs and I can penalise you just for what you're talking about, you know, I mean, luckily, I just do music and dance entertainment. I do cover things like martial arts and whatever, I'm sure I'm being penalised for reason. I've cleared a few things off of my main website and all sudden it seems to have come up trumps again. So and then linking is not that good. I mean, you put some stuff on there. And it seems to get a bit funny. It's like you need somebody words for a main page, which I assume is run about 1000 words. But the same time it wants us to be mobile friendly.
So who wants to read 1000 words on a mobile?
Hey, what do I know?
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

Mega Pages Project 1a.
So what am I doing with the B 259? dot e UK project site? That's a question. I'm thinking about trying to do 10 pages at the moment, and I believe I've got six with over 1000 words. So they're mega pages. You know, they're not just for 350 words 350 to 400 words per page. They are loaded with over 1000. If that all six pages come to 909,399 words, I think it was so not far off 10,000 I think a dissertation is around about 30 to 40,000. Words. So yeah, maybe I should go back to school or uni or something. But I'm going to put 10 pages up, I need to put a counter on there. And one thing of doing either do 10 pages a month for what I did before, 10 pages where I got Alexey first month was about 12,000. I'm pretty sure it went up to 20,000 in the second month, and then I thought Rob, put another load of pages on so it's 2921 pages and all on this particular project a few years ago. And what did it hit 65,000 65,000 over that over the course of two to three months. And obviously, if that start trickling is what we used to call 90 Day wonder if you did that a few times a year, you're not far off 100,000, you know, easy over. Yeah, I used to make web pages looking at it, I probably wasted somewhere, but by not grouping them, which is what I'm doing. And hopefully, even without Google, hopefully get the 65,000 again, maybe like even if 10,000 people. I think it's hard. Really, it's like Google seems to be on a different game at the moment. My URL list needs to be updated, which I've done on one of the sites. But to do it again, just the six pages. Well, I've got three days off. So that's going to give me time to put a game plan together, I'd say each page could be an equivalent of anywhere, two to three pages normally normal pages if you were thinking 350 to 400. Words, in some cases, maybe even. Let's have a look. I think some of them are like four. Because what I'm using at the moment is auto AI and this dictaphone thing. So in effect, I'm speaking and putting it on otter AI it translated to me. It seems quicker. And it's I don't have to worry about a keyboard. Nothing's a keyboard, you're so busy concerned typing. You got to stop to think literally, was when this happened. Just let the words flow out. And off I go. So yeah, I'm talking about something in the past. Obviously, in my mind, I remember those figures. It's good to notice figures, because now I'm going to try again. But I get 65,003 months, six months a year. I certainly rely on my website, which tracks in a bit of traffic. But I tell you what, if you stopped I didn't make anything, any videos, any, you know, promoting things and didn't do my posts. I don't think after after a year, maybe two years, it would just trickles almost nothing, you know, you might be lucky to get 15 people a month. So what I'm going to do, I'm thinking about making 50 pages on this page for project. And I'm thinking about doing something like a stat page. So those stat page will be quite good. Keep in touch. So you might hear vaguely more things about this project. There's about me this year, you know, a lot of people sort of seem to just jump ship. I don't know why. But, you know, I did a favour for them. They weren't obliged in any way but it's just the way they sort of didn't want to be partners anymore. And yet I was good enough to help them when needed. So this time is for me. I will be doing a few local causes and charities. But I'm not going to be too stressed about no trying to get everybody involved. So I'm still gonna do the videos, but I'm going to do something different with that as well. I've got plans. It's making it happen. And I may have to move because I don't think where I am is fantastic. It may be slowing down on what I want to do. So but yeah, definitely. I get that 65,000 happened event in two months a year. Three months, even you times that by four, that would definitely boost my current sites. I think some of the traffic's coming from the old. But I've deleted one of the projects. So lost that Google seems to be removing that process quite good. So Project 2220 22, at the moment, is the one I'm working on. And who knows, I'll be printing more about this later on. But the ultimate aim is to see how many pages I've got some statistics where the more pages you add, as time goes by, and you get like a percentage more. So think of as a sort of an SEO scientific experiment to see how many pages it takes to get some traffic. can I do about Google? Well, I'm using Yahoo and Bing, I think one of those alone has 700 million people. Yeah, I'm only looking for a million. That'd be better than any year I've ever done. I think the best year so far is 900 1000s. I think. So millions possible. But it's something you've got to work on. Whereas our seasonal in the past, this is like an all round year thing, you know. So partial post later. And I will keep in touch with all the stats 65,000, for 10, maybe 20 pages, 21 pages, I think that was in the past. So I'm doing 10 pages at the moment, index and viewers as on the Project dot B 295. dot uk website. So that's where it's all happening at the moment, I'm probably going to put a metre on because at the moment, I've got the stats, which I can't share with anybody. So might metre and as a project, because I've got other projects I'm thinking of doing as time goes by, you know, I've got several projects, actually. But this will be my monthly projects only pages for I mean, in three to four days, I could probably knock up 10 Good, mega pages. And that's what this project is a big pages that you make 1000 or more, I think one page at 1600 Plus words. So that's really going to hit hard with the search engines. I'm not aiming for Google, you know, it'll go into Yahoo and Bing. And no doubt Google will suck it up when it finds it in other search engines were used to do before but they're playing funny at the moment. So it's not like I'm doing it wrong. I'm just typing and writing and well, we'll see. Apparently people read it and they like what I'm reading is just straight strangers microphone straight from the heart and have to sort of talk facts obviously about the numbers.
But yeah, so Anyway, bye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

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