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The problem with Project 2022 is that there is very few events and parades, we have decided to relive in our future works past places we learned & develop our dance, such as dancing on the back of a lorrry in a big parade.

Project 2022.
So what does project 2022 mean?
Project 2022. We're going to try and relive the last 10 to 15 years, 15 years, you know, of entertainment and see if I can actually improve upon that what I've done. Also I'm going to bring in a storyboard of Bogner would dot Yeah, Bogner would. And so there'll be the Buttonwood project and be a series of small projects, you know, but all put together and maybe I'll even merge them in some way. So the videos will carry on. They're good because they could because they are historical, how I built up, I've got something that my join us soon, so I'll be interesting. We'll talk to the old ones and say, Hey, do you want to be part of this project, but it will be done from a sort of a privates perspective. So we won't be doing events unless there is normality we'll return. So we will be using the old dance routines and coming up some that are based on old dances from the 1900s. We just haven't got a we have got a style of dancing that basically, I'll call it tap dance here. We call it pat downs, because it's not quite, you could call it street tap. There's another word for it. Street tap. So what is street tap. So it's the same sort of pattern as tap dancing, but it has other footwork. And it's not quite as exactly like for instance, in I think the brushstroke stamp is like you bring your leg up with a leg around, then, basically, there's a little bit more to it. Whereas really, we just do two hits with a leg and a hot hand movement, I do a point from the double tap. So that's my basic move. I think what I'm going to do is start formulating combinations of footwork. And basically, maybe those will be what's expected to do and it might be like footwork into tap. So bopping style, more than popping and locking. So we'll probably footwork will probably become more important. But it will end up in a pose a freeze, which pretty much in the 80s we were doing poses and freeze. So you know, that's something I didn't put before. Yeah, I remember that. I know, one guy sort of really used to specialise in Portsmouth in the ritzy and later Mecca venue, which is now shutting is a closed shop. But yeah, he's a point up there. It even do a wave or a shake S pattern with the hands. And then with his legs used to go into position, and I've got an idea how I can do that. So I'll be practising that and bringing back in speaking, that's more sort of top down, stop, or what we always call body popping. Wasn't you could say it was the basis of body popping. So yeah, I might use that as an intro to a lot of people come up with some basic sets that people will do together. And, yeah, definitely, that's gonna look, I'm gonna look into that. And yeah, I'm not sure to call it time stopping. Yeah, kind of a name for it later on. And, aesthetically. From there, we're gonna go into the footwork. So we go from bond pose, freeze, step, step, point, freeze. And then step, step back, leg over, so the left leg would swing all the way to the right, they put their right hand out bang, like a low anchor, with the hand, a low point, which is an ankle lock, as we used to call it, and a sort of a pleasant stretch and hit. Maybe those exercises would be better for the new people. And maybe I can make a very basic routine. You know, I've tried to do a lot of things, I think there's a problem. So I'm gonna try anymore. Just gonna come up some basic sets of building great and I will train on the more that they can't and then obviously, haven't got the means of learning and developing, and that's the problem. You know, people got had something they were ready to work with. And I've spent a lot of time with people, they just all go, we could have done so much more. But I'm still here. I'm developing progressive dancing. So be with me or not. I really actually don't care. If someone develops I will keep them and I'll work something out. I know it can get a bit funny sometimes when people get to a certain level. It's like, what's in this for me? And it's hard because sometimes I look around I think all the dancing and it's not really helped me a lot. Then I have had an amazing adventure in Oh, praise venues, whilst at the moment, because a lot of downs, there's not much going on in the social world because the social world is somewhat destroyed. And so the entertainment industry, there's still something to do. I think maybe we'll raise some money for charity, maybe now maybe we'll raise awareness of causes, maybe not. But I just think if we keep go, it's a good thing. And that's half the battle. Sometimes it's just keep going, especially in those dark moments or the Dark Ages. You know, I used to train for months. And then people want to know for a few weeks about the big fight, or the dance events, and then it's big news for a few weeks. Sometimes we get traffic to some of our blogs. I'm also going to do a lot more blogging and I make a business out of it to be honest truth because why not? Anyway, I'm gonna leave you with that idea. And I'm going to work the next chat in a few minutes. There'll be a follow on. I think I'm doing like to chest to every page at the moment. Okay, bye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

Project 2022 problems.
The problem with Project 2022 is that there's very few events and parades, you know. We may be returning to normal, I'm seeing things happening. But I think, as a basic rule, I'm going to start still do some videos, but I want to do some with sort of a sci fi Spiel to it, maybe some sort of traffic with the words called, it's as simple as it done in South Park, they'll bring in a movie and sort of redo a movie, but from their perspective, like a theme, that was the theme and meme videos was something I always wanted to do. And so I might make it based on films who knows. Titanic version. In fact, when I was running a Minecraft server, indeed, we had a call. I think that in Tyrion furlough that was it, there was a film called tearing further. So made a tower lots of villages on it. Someone triggered it off by accident, and there's big explosion in the caught fire. So cheers may happen, you start early to sort of still working is on the worst sides? Yeah, no, I wanted to look. Yeah. And he got blown up. Never mind such as life. So I'm using empty, it's like a Minecraft thing. And I've used it for my vaccines, and it's something I am going to do. So there's gonna be a lot more green screening and maybe some Tunisia adventures. I'm thinking of one sort of going to a mining colony on space. One sort of idea, maybe we'll, I'm writing a lot of material for that moment. So when I do it, then I'm going to use the material to find put some life into, you know, storyline into it. So it's not just a fiction in my head. People can read up and go, okay, yeah, I can see that. Yeah. Wow, there's a depth here. You know, I mean, usually right story, there's two ways I used to use a storyboard way, as in sort of the plot and scenarios. And that's very good for martial arts and indeed, defence. But there's another side where there's a main one is where they actually work the characters, flesh them out and let the characters drive the story is a good way. If you've ever seen Babylon five, the film, the blogpost, plot, plot doors, trap doors in so you know, something's going to happen, but he always puts a little twist in it, like a character will disappear from the story. Somebody else comes in and all sudden, you've got a new sort of the trapdoor opens up, I didn't see that. You know, I thought those were the good guys. And they turn out they've just as bad as the bad guys. And you sort of learn about the two races, you realise why they're doing it, but it is time for them to go. So that's the sort of idea of having a plot story. And there is a person who made Babylon five, you know, obviously to the characters, but I think the storyboard came first, the storyline, the scenarios, the place, it was all in space, where some people start, most people actually do characters and let the characters pick a time time and think okay, we'll do it from there. They just let the characters basically drive the story. I don't think that was the same in Babylon five. I think he made the characters drive the story, but the story was there. You knew what was going to happen. It was coming up there was a prophecy there was no yeah, we're going that way I can see that. I don't see that happening that came out of nowhere. So I am working on storylines and going to try and include him in my story in some fashion, maybe I'll be doing that with dancing in one corner and the stories at the other side developing an opening up. So I'm looking at 60 to 90 minute videos and linking them by certain websites so Bogner blahblah word is going to be one websites and I've got two at the moment one that I'm thinking of letting go and I've got one Bogner web dot B 259 dot uk and so with that, I shall leave you and post this up, but that's something I'm working with and have done for last few months. So over there helped me develop some pretty tasty videos hopefully, perhaps take the videos to a new level. Okay, bye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

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