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Some of our videos are about that about making an entertaining people. But it's also a showcase for people to come along and be part of the madness. So we can have somebody doing a particular routine, using new and modern street dance moves and stuff from Martial Arts for a dance and teach Martial Arts at the same time.

MAD 1 Intro.
So, what I'm going to talk about now is the dancing. You know, it's not just the dancing, there's other things involved. It's the dream of bringing heaven to earth. And heaven to earth. There is a video called that where I show a self defence technique based on Aki jitsu. And so in judo, jujitsu and in Aikido you will find a particular movement, Heaven to Earth more than Aikido actually. And it's how to break a grip, you can do it from the outside, but doesn't work. And then from the inside, if someone grabbed you say from your shoulders, so it's a way to break their grip. So the dance can be a vehicle for martial arts. Also, they can be sort of philosophy, if you want like heaven to earth, I bring heaven to earth. Some of our videos are about that about making an entertaining people. But it's also a showcase for people to come along and be part of the madness. So we can have somebody doing a particular routine. And sometimes I provide the routines, and I might be doing more in future. So I may be doing an online martial art dance session, it'll be all about martial arts and the forms put to music. And that has been done in the past. I think sometimes people get a little bit confused, a little bit scared or something will come out dance karate bone so that I had to drop it because nobody was buying it. But the thing is, there are people doing in the tournament's sort of dance karate type, manoeuvres sort short, sometimes it's just a blow spinning around and showing off a very strong, fast powerful punch. You know, so the dancing, it's also a demo model to demonstrate what a person can do. So being able to generate a lot of power from the hips spinning around, doing it in time to the music is a good thing. So although it's time that actually punch can be delivered with quite a lot of force. Usually when you train, you don't want to go too fast. So music is a good way to keep people to certain B. Obviously, when you take the BA and you do some training and do those moves, you should be able to come up with a very good solid repetition combinations. And you could say the dancing is a way of controlling and getting people to dance in a particular formation so you could use it for displays I mean the old days even had swords on a disco bit dangerous from what I read a lot went on then and they ended catters to music to demonstrate martial arts. So in a way we're sort of although that's not where the idea came from, I do know it was done in the past. So yeah, dance so martial art dance is something that I put together and I find it very useful. Obviously the dancing is more for entertainment. But I have done a few martial art type videos in fact I do help some people doing basic arm locks and also back work footwork you know the basics of boxing are in there. So it's a bit of a summation of different The problem is some people only do it for a few months summer it's an exciting thing and then for them to do it again year after year in the cold is art so yes, I did have a hole but in the March 2020 think now is it March 2000. Yeah, I had to close down a dojo because the hall was not going to be let whilst there was indeed COVID lockdowns and all that sort of stuff. So, yeah, unfortunately. Not in my public teachings. I have run a club before. But this one was an up and going one. I may try once more when we get returned to normal if not Latin, but I am going to do a online get an online system of some kind. So, but I'm going to use the videos as a base. Anyway, you'll catch again in a minute because I'm going to chat again and we catch you later.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

Martial Way.
So, sometimes I dream with or I have meditation sessions or deep think Sessions has come pop, more popular. So I do think about things. So what am I going to do with the dancing? To be truthful, I used to form a martial arts as essential thing, and I know my Simon, some of the younger lads are more into the martial arts and boxing and stuff. The dancing to me is more you can use martial arts as a, as a martial arts as a vehicle, you know, philosophy and all that sort of stuff and the way it sort of does anyway, good. That's why you got a few fights, you realise, it's like, Okay, I'm going to avoid that, and realise that maybe some of the problems are about oneself. So to think that I'm coming apart, and considering what I'm going through, it's actually not a not a problem, but I think other people are just, they want you to accept their views. But what they got to think of is I don't actually believe in what they have fully honest. And just say, hey, look, you know? Yeah, so can we use martial arts as a vehicle it can be it has been, but I seem to pick to dancing for some reason. And once I sort of have a criteria of training, I tend to do a lot of things so the weights and repetitions and I'll do jumping jacks and then I'll go walking for a couple miles you know, at a pace try to get a free month free mile per hour pace. We can quickly you know, sometimes I speed walking or hiking hike is probably four to five miles per hour. You set a pace and you keep taught by a very good hiker when I was in I must be 14 or 15. One of those eight Portsmouth to get my badge for orienteering, which I did. Fingers to that that somewhere. And yeah, that set me up for quite a long time. So that's why you'll see articles on hiking because I have done I think my orienteering badge for the scouts, first aid and obviously athletics, because I was really, really good at running and stuff. So fingers are the free badges definitely got my compass. Anyway. So you know, I'm sort of looking at the moment, maybe that's what I should do when people say, hey, let's do a course on because I have this dream where we all go running. Basically, up into the hills, literally, because there's Bogner, there's a countryside, and there's a south down hills. So South dancing is a way where we're going to run a field and our friends in the field one day so we could train in the weekend. Apparently, they're not that expensive. If you got a lot of people are filled a few tents, maybe we'll just rough it up over the summer. I know they used to do 10 swordfighter. I was not there any of those but makes me realise maybe I can create some sort of martial art thing where we go into the fields for the weekend and, you know, do a grading that way, which will be something novel. But at the moment, I'm not sure about the hall, maybe I'll do online, but definitely want to do the martial art somehow the dancing doesn't need people like at all myself so. So 20 People not really have I do have a small team of people that I'm training. Am I doing too much or expect too much of them? Not really, because we've had people in the videos before. You know sometimes people talk about going in the ring, but they hardly ever do. Although we did have six champions at one point. But I can't see making champions at the moment but doesn't mean you can't have people that championship level training and practice the art of martial arts. It I'm not sure I'm going to do kickboxing such because learning for someone to kick could be a could sort of be a problem. I used to believe in kickboxing, but you know, I prefer jujitsu as being my main thing a little bit boxing, never use the kicks on doors because you're not sort of aggressive. Kickboxing is very aggressive. And you know, it's more for the young than anything in fact more most Thai boxers retire after a couple of years. You know, they teach their moves, maybe to karate person then make some sort of karate kickboxing thing. But with dancing Yeah. So I had someone watch some of my dancing clips are no lie are so many so much content, somebody didn't move, you know. And he's from a different culture to mine. But we sort of agreed that among other things, like, you know, bring heaven to earth for people and sharing is what it's all about, you know. I think sometimes when you have a different culture done person, you've got the same. Let's bring him to Earth, you know, the same sort of ideals or philosophy if you wish. So I'm in the right direction. It's just now how am I going to do for this year? So I may start doing so like a martial art fitness thing, the fitness being the top thing and dance, he will be part of it somewhere. I do think it needs to be segregated into its proper context. And then for itself, I can totally join it all together for the purpose of filming. I would love to do acting and stunts. You know, there's videos I'd love to do. So I'm testing that out this year. Who knows, maybe I can pay someone to do a drive by scene. We can have a sort of a Car Shootout thing. You know, I mean, they do for top care. If you have seen it's really good as Sweeney seen. There's three versions of it one day made, which obviously was terrible, but they did one where it was touched up quite good, actually. And then there was a film version. I've even seen a fourth version somewhere with different music. So yeah, maybe we'll have a catchy scene. It's something which we're thinking about. And that's, I will leave your now so goodbye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

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