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Hiking & roadwork.
In regards to fit my martial art, martial arts fitness with my son I was thinking of, he's 25 By the way, my son is 25 We're thinking of doing a survival style training. You know, I've done all the martial arts gone into the ring. We had six champions at one time. And we're looking to do more fitness related things. But obviously, living off the land is an interesting idea. Although it's a bit hard and Bognor Regis to find any good land to live off. Nevertheless, there is the Queen's forest. And obviously, there's Southdowns the south down way. I've been over it, there's actually quite some large hills there. And there's some good views especially above, I believe it's East Harting already looked down as low mileage, little model village. So we might look into hiking and survival skills. Maybe, maybe hiking and orienteering, pioneering, you know, that sort of stuff. I mean, these days, I think you really need a compass. You can have GPS, I do have a GPS tracker, believe it or not one of those old yellow things, and I've got kind of grey ones, which apparently are, further advance, so I might use those on a couple of hikes later. It's always good to do some sort of training that includes road work, because as humans, we do need to do a certain amount of mobility exercises, walking. Hiking is a good thing. You know, the difference being between hiking walking is I would say, hiking is sort of a set speed, sometimes four to five miles per hour. Over say, Yeah, more like three miles now. I mean, if you're doing four miles now you're probably speed walking. Six miles per hours, double marching. So you're sort of jogging a good pace. 10 minute mile. So yeah, so we're thinking about that sort of jogging up to Southdowns. The problem is, to get to one of the parts East Harlem, you would have to go through Chai, there is a way you can get up there, but the road gets a bit dangerous. And even if you take the dangerous route, like golf at midnight, it takes you about eight hours to do the 20 miles, which is pretty good considering most of this at night. At least that was a time that I did last time. I think overall I did 58 miles in 26 hours. So yeah, 26 hours to get there and back. We went up to East Harding. Farther south downs and we look down on it. Turn right follow the South Downs for a while. There's even a way we go down. There's a barn across the road and you sort of can carry on but that's really it's not that grey going through. So I think next time I'm going to do the bond. I'm going to turn right. Which takes us back into Bogner I believe sort of not far from Sredny way to I can't even figure that place as a school ever. But yeah, get back to Bogner. backway really, anyway, so I'm going to sort of follow up with another article in a minute. So some ideas for hiking.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

Park walks.
Yeah, some books I go on, or just go to the local park. Often Park I've been through West Main Driver, I've actually meant to sort of take some more pictures or West marine but had a fallout with some people. So I don't talk too much really. There were some people that sort of backed up. So, yeah, we'll help them out, but not the others that were completed it. But yeah, I was gonna take some pictures of marine park. So that's one thing I didn't do in 2021. But I intend to sort of find other places to march to maybe take a camera with me. Okay, for one part, sometimes you can catch animals. You sort of go shooting, but with a camera, if that makes sense. So I've got some great pictures of animals. So maybe I should do another series of pictures for my vlogs or something keener even make a video of. So I've got one with the lens. So quite often, I can watch the animals and they don't. I'm just outside their range, if that makes sense. You know, when you study things, you see birds and groups. And yeah, you'll get one or two birds that seem to see the swap over summer. Watch out for the others. So where could we go? I mean, if you were to Elmer fell from Alma Middleton, there is a forest out that way. Apparently, there's a crazy lady that holds the woods. Now to say when you go through, I'm pretty sure I've seen over maybe I should get a book of all the haunted places. Of course, this is subject to the fact that we might get locked down yet, which would be a real pain of I've got a feeling and going to lockdown. Because people are fed up with it. The politicians aren't exactly favourable at the moment. But hey, what do I know about politics? So there's some good places on the upper end of Alma go further, there's a big forest. I suppose you could head out towards the south town park. Don't really want to use a bus or travel because that's sort of defeats the purpose and Wayne Yeah, walking 20 miles just to reach the Southdowns 20 miles which is half downs. I mean, you're talking about a I was he sort of do a small for five miles and then come back, there's 30 to 40 miles I can work out. So that's the short route as far as I know. So we're also there to go the other way. There's the old eight to seven. I've actually walked that way all the way to Portsmouth back as well sometimes. But there's not much there's not much hidden ground that you could camp in Far as I know, on the old day to seven there's little settlements along the way. I mean, you've got bosom and yeah, you know, it's quite a lot of places. So I would say you can go hiking camping in that direction. But yeah, I think about camping in a tent the problem is, is storing such a thing as a tent, and all this bits you need with it. You know, the idea being I like is just to go out somewhere visit a place and then me way back. Preferably somewhere where we can get a camera, some nice scenes. I know for went towards chai and towards bosom. I'm pretty sure on Route there's a place where you get the like a scene of a large lake, but there's definitely a lot of boats of one fluid point towards between bottom and Hemsworth. Anyway, it's just my ideas on hiking. So that might be something we'll do as part of the figma projects. Over and out. Bye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

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