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What about economy backed currencies, chest pains in athletes, control & national pride to mention a few things. With more adverse effects from certain so called maxine vaccines or medical experiments I wonder which way we are going, it all seems like we been through this already, with EVIL power in the early 1900's. So here we are again 1920 to 2020 etc !!

Gold backed currency?
So gold backed money and reset. So let's think about this for a moment. Gold back money was something we used to have in the 70s. And for some reason, they stopped it and then started printing all sorts of money which deletes the hell inflation. So now all of a sudden we're going to go back to money. They've got this thing called the reset, which parallel you're going to reset the bank systems, but it makes me wonder if it's somehow because of the Bitcoin and all the other currencies that are not under government control, Bitcoin Aetherium you name it, there's probably a dozen different types of currencies basically, even part of anything money is just one easy way to barter. I mean, you can bartering stones which apparently is what we used to do in the old times, stones and then shaped coins. Which of Romans bought in? So is it a good thing to reset? Money being some money reset? Is our money going to lose value or are we going to find out you know, it makes you wonder. So I'm sort of person good things about the reset. Obviously, there's a robbery, but you haven't got anything to hold like you can't have a coin. It's decorative. It's all going to be electronic and electronic wallet, wallet. You probably carry it around like on your phone. But I don't know does that stop crime? Will someone steal your stole your phone so that he can take your money away? Makes you wonder does it not.
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Chest pains & stuff?
So there's a lot of athletes with chest pains pilots that have had chest problems. They've sort of pushing the health passport at the moment. And it makes you wonder why. I mean, this has nothing to do the virus trying to lock us down. Have a health passport. I mean, seriously. Why lockdown? Let's take a look at this for a moment locking down is going to cause the economy to crash. I mean, who would benefit from a crashed economy? I suppose if Tories are going to lose and the labour takeover, then there's not a lot of money for the labour to run the country. It seems like when the parties have come to a certain time when Labour has done the same themselves, where they've left very little money in the treasury. So we've got two parties will bankrupt the country almost Chessani the other party can't carry things out. That's why I like the idea of PR, some sort of representation by all parties to a certain level, because quite honestly, I think we can really take much more of this. bankrupting the country every time you know the voting system comes on. So in a vote for a party and then they're all gonna sort of bankrupt the country. Because quite honestly, all this lockdowns and co COVID passports to me is just a control method. It's definitely to do with money. I won't go into detail with the money side of things. But if you've worked it out by now that there's a profit margin and the pharma companies are basically making millions billions and you know what I mean? Yeah, it's for to see at the moment, I'm just surprised more people don't see through this Maxine Vax passport because quite honestly, it's all a sham. Really.
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Why control?
So why control? Why would they want control? You think about the CCP, computers will do monologue firms to keep people loyal to the party of the day, although we're a Democratic Party, so that say it becomes normal to Tories, I suppose that would stop us from voting labour, in theory. So they were able to get more votes stay in power. That's what it's all about, isn't it? But it's not like a monopoly. I mean, don't companies get sued for having a monopoly? Microsoft? Did they put their own internet browser on their operating system? You can look back at it. So some companies have been facing, you know, cases in court for basically making a monopoly and so the government why why are they getting a waiver? Why they think they can be different? Forget the Nuremberg trial for a moment I'm sure there's laws against monopoly. But okay, let's just say the control is to keep us quiet. They want to remove our freedom so that we don't question them makes a massive amount of money. But somehow I keep thinking there's something more sinister behind I'm pretty sure that he's afraid to say it because in case we are, Penn become conspiracy theorists are quite honest. So many conspiracy theories have come true. You got to start wondering, like, hey, you know, what are you into robots? Now? Swedish company designed something like a microchip that fits under the finger. under the skin. It's like, it's all coming true. So, about the FBI came out with conspiracy theorist in the 60s 70s. You got to ask yourself, why do they use a term again? Conspiracy Theory? Do you know what conspiracy theorists I think should be slapped on the back and thanking them. And that's what the government definitely up to no good. And I think more and more people are seeing this.
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National pride and stuff?
Now I'm probably going to get branded a racist. But let's just ask ourselves a question first, let the Russians who believe in their national values, let's just look at our national values a moment the ones have been destroyed, like, Churchill, the statue should be torn down really. But he's a man that World War Two help to the country stand against the Germans. Okay, maybe now that's not so necessary. So we got loads of immigrants coming in and let some of the in power turned around and went. And this was quoted to me by somebody very close, hey, the immigrants of the day or the CEO of tomorrow, so they can be running companies, or by the rest of us. If it's true that they're knocking us off, slapping us away with a yelled at slot shot, clock clock shot, soft kill back SonicWALL vaccine, then who would you replace us with? Bear in mind, they want to knock us down to 15 million parently. So national security, let's take a look at this for a moment. So you get the soldiers o'clock sharp baby come by Oh lumen, they can be seen at night. They shine upon us. Apparently something called Black Light or whatever. But let's forget that for a moment. So put something in your body. And apparently it's graphing someone told. So to say that the Chinese haven't got weapon, you're just pointed in the direction heat seeking missiles, right? Confined machines and heat signatures of, say, jets, submarines, homes and under sound? What if our troops have got graphene and maybe that graphene will attract a projectile? Now you can laugh at that, but you got to think about it for a moment. He's seeking missiles, you know, something's in the body of our soldiers, it's going to make them easier targets. So there was a theory of, hey, maybe there has to be a takeover in this country, because let's put this way if we don't have 15 million from 65 million. And he comes you could walk in, there's so many millions, you know. So national security. But then you could say, well, if you're going to depopulate the problem with that is less tax for the for the people above the leaders. So deep population is nothing makes you wonder. But if it isn't the population, I definitely think cash and control is the two things that are governing, you know, the government, but who knows, is paying the government unseen masters, people are paying the government. Who are they? You know, we're supposed to democratic and in theory, we left the Euro because they had undemocratic leaders. And we've got this a thing called a door where people can pay our MPs to represent their interests. You couldn't make it up. So we've left the EU. But we've got the same problem in the politics. I mean, I'm seeing it more clearly every day. If you pay the politicians to lobby for say, control so that you can bring in say, a so called wonder drug? Because you cannot understand is that a fact some medical things are being promoted. But there were other easier, cheaper medical things that they can use, which were actually on the WHO website for the last 40 years. Now they're taking this horse steroids or dewormers and really spinning the website for 40 years. So I'm getting confused by all this bullshit to be honest truth. What do you think?
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