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The term of martial art fitness, so we decided to call it fitma, instead of MAF. Even in its basic few moves most people can be subdued and restrained and can be moved from a venue by one or two people or security, either out or held for questioning for or by the Police in even a serious situation with little or no effort. There are quite a lot of techniques that works even though I don't get to use it these days as much as I used to, society seems to have calmed down but when I do need to use anything I have an idea and a few trusted counters to most or all attacks straight away.

Fitma January 2022
Straight off the top of my head fitma, fitma F I T m a fitness, Ma, martial art, fitness, math. So we thought about that a lot of people who come up with the term of martial art fitness, so we decided to call it fitma. And it's because yes, we still believe in obviously, martial arts we we like the style of boxing, preferably that includes Chinese boxing, and certainly elements of martial arts. And we always like jujitsu because the problem is in this time of lockdowns, and there isn't much chance of one to one tuition. So we're thinking of using forms, like in Kung Fu, formwork, and maybe even breaking some of the jujitsu moves down. We do a sort of a Meebo style, doormen course, which is based on jujitsu, and I have that somewhere. So we're making up something that's similar to that with a little bit more included. I'm not sure about the use of it, because obviously, nowadays, they try to frown upon using any force whatsoever, which is fine. Except when you make the cage fighter, the vocal cage fighter who wants to sort of get it on, then, you know, all that stuff. That's basically the obstacle course is just not going to work as the words of one of my friends. It's kindergarten stuff. So if you want to go in a kindergarten and use your mate, your self defence, yeah. Oh, perfect. Now, you might think I'm being a bit loud mouth. But as I said to one instructor of the upskill course a try, move me five feet. One minute later, I've got a minute block on the floor, my foot, helping to finish shoulder to the floor. It was like almost without awareness that well, we're dead. So I've got the floor, I can break your arm neck, kneel on your head, I can punch your lights out from that position really easily and have done so in the past said it isn't a problem. I could use pressure points my position, but the thing is, I could mash your organs and break your bones and there'd be nothing you can do about it. This is the good thing about jujitsu. It's very efficient and very economical or movements. And that's a good point. Because really, what's what martial arts one, I would say yeah, striking is good. Kicking is good. Yeah, to use kicking on the door. I've used it once and all the time. They ever don't, if you have used my knees as for the punches, maybe one to five times out of 1000. But most of the time, you've got grabbed some rightly and ever Don's got the firearm, you walk them out and off they go bought two people out on my own, not saying you should do because it should be a two man job to move. But even that's sort of like going out the window. I mean, I've worked in some places, there's no such thing as backup, or the fact that two people approach somebody with a view of getting ready moving, you ask them to leave and they kick off and you've got to hope that someone comes and gives you assistance. Or you got to get to the point where you could be in trouble for actually putting the bloke in some sort of restraint. And then they're like, oh, you know, you use long straight, blah, blah, blah. I just think the whole security from what I'm seeing is falling apart. You know, it was great in the sort of late 90s and the early 2000s You know, to 2009 years eight was all great but 2010 onwards, just sort of decaying and spiralling Well, things change I guess socially you that figma fitness, martial arts, martial art fitness. So it is based just much on fitness as it is on martial art techniques because you do need a certain degree of fitness. You could defend yourself about fitness but it's one of the elements that obviously can help you if you've got the fitness then you can survive the knock so to speak. I still ended here. And fitness for 2022.
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Best Martial Arts?
So what are my favourite martial arts?
Obviously jujitsu because it just works. And even in its basic few moves most people subdued and restrained and can be moved from a venue by one or two people boxing. I like the fact you can defend yourself, put your hands in a position to protect your head. You can jab people are you tend to use a word and pushing hands? Someone said we can get done today? No, he doesn't leave any bruises. And I've used it plenty of times to push somebody out the way. Obviously, like on one occasion, it was a question of using pushing hands against two people to keep away from a woman that was on the flow floor that had screamed, this is in the street. And so the problems of keeping them are distance. So I did for about four or five, six pushes, if you wish. And I'm keeping away but palming them off. And then they separate. And I thought, yeah, I'm gonna have to do something heavier now, because you can only push somebody so far as they say, and pushing hands is no different. So at that point, I decided to get ready. And then the police turned up. So that was a good thing in the way they were glad. For him I was allowed to walk away without question, clearly was not the aggravator. In fact, as I said to him, the woman the floor screen that I thought she was being attacked in a court of law, that would have gone down, it turned out that they actually knew each other. The bloke was being an idiot, or he'd been kicked out of a nightclub with his friend, somehow the girl had slipped. They got into some argument, no real sort of intention, their harm, but you know, so I heard the screams or the girl on the floor with a mate standing next to it and the two blokes. You can imagine what I thought and so on across I went steaming, using Push downs to propel both of the guys away from me away from the girl that pumps up between her and the girl. That's just the way we did things. No doubt in this day and age, I'd probably get told off or pushing somebody after all help. You know, pushing hands is so lethal, isn't it? A? How many people have I ended with pushing hands? Zero? How many people have I hit parrot? or injured with my fists for a punch? A few bruises? A few bumps? Yes, as a few, quite a number of damage people. So what would I rather use pushing hands to me. I'd rather grapple somebody jujitsu pushing hands just to propel somebody away from me. So that starts breathing and learning starts to be like jujitsu, we get the hips lower, you can generate a lot of power. I can push somebody 510 15, sometimes even 20 feet away. I can do it one handed or both. And I saw someone do it. And they pushed a bloke for a crowd 20 to 30 feet away from himself and a nightclub. And people were being pushed out of the way by this guy who was being propelled backwards or guided pushing. And so yes, pushing hands can be powerful. I'm not sure it can kill anybody. I mean, you see the video where they go wah. And then they hit somebody, you know, pushing hands that gee. Maybe Maybe you can make the CI into someone's body. I mean, that'd be a good one for a court case. But if you didn't touch somebody, but use CI to rupture someone's internal organs, but you didn't actually touch them. Technically, you haven't assaulted them physically. So that'd be an interesting one. Maybe that would make a good story one day. So yeah, so jujitsu pushing hands, which I suppose you could say comes from Kung Fu. Boxing, because that's the defensive side of it's quite good. Getting coupled with pushing hands, you can block incoming and shove something out the way. Of course, you can only push someone so far and you have to use something heavier. There are a martial arts I've used and I tend to practice and train firstly, every day, in certain periods. At the moment, I'm in the off period, because I just can't be bothered. I will be training soon. It's winter at the moment. So we're what? January the ninth 2022. So really, I should train. So with that. jujitsu is my favourite one. But obviously our practice over things that you've meditation, also do weights, I do roadwork but not that much running at the moment, I should do more. I know what I do a certain amount I do at 15,000 steps a day on average. So it's much more than even a fit person and the average person that does 5000 or even less than Well, I'm three times further ahead. So I can't complain really unfairly fit and I have quite a lot of technique that's works even though I don't get to use it these days. So that's technically what I think of martial arts. Bye for now.
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