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I was talking to a friend & remembering the way we came, the dancing has been a journey and experience through many great events & venues, we even danced on the bak of a lorry with a Dejay & his deck, speakers, etc.

Dance 2022 Mission.
So I was talking to a friend of mine about dance in the 2010 of all things. Can you imagine that 12 years ago, we did on a lorry, some of the places we did at the Norfolk arms. The Norfolk, itself, we did me sort of shows in the ground. In this sort of lockdown era for the last couple of years, we've been denied the ability to be able to entertain people. So I'm going to do a project. So like an online carnival type thing. And if nobody expired, it's fine. Because I'll just do it myself. It's not a problem. I'm used to people bailing out or flaking out, in fact, I have held from unknown sources, and we may be able to accomplish everything that we achieved in the parades and demonstrations and venues that we danced in, perhaps even more. So. Like I say, I was pretty good then. But there were, I didn't know how to dance to the crowd where obviously I learned that over the years and dance with the crowd. And certainly we were known by a lot of people at one point. And we'd like to do that on an online way. So I'll be looking for people locally in Bogner to take part, and definitely Sussex, England, you name it, anybody can join, all they need is a shot of them filming, dancing, maybe we can use that as a mashup. Maybe I can link to one of my blogs, because I get 1000s 10s of 1000s of visitors. And definitely over the year last year, I was able to attract 465,000. So obviously a lot of them, what did they see some of the videos, that's where I get some more hits from why some of my videos get some of like 17,000. So I'm not playing for just a few and I wouldn't bother, you know, doing productions that just aren't going to be seen by anybody. You know, the whole point of a dancer is to get out there in the open and be seen. So I still want to do world peace. And I think the way the political stance has gone over the last few years, we need to basically entertain people and let people know you know what it's okay to live. We are social animals at the end of the day. And so that will be part of my Oh, hello, Foxy Woo, is a fox a hedgehog and see, we're going to take the picture just running through at the moment. Yeah, sometimes I go for a little walk in the back of my house and there's like foxes and hedgehogs and whatever. And as you know, we're going to often Park obviously, and at times there are squirrels dancing, school dancing. Well, there was one in one of my videos, there are schools, dancing squirrels can I can imagine? And so yeah, so dance, dance pop. That's something I've sort of bought in and it seems to get a lot more visitors than anything else I've done. So dance puppet is gonna go back to the 80s kind of bring those moves and modernise them. We may even go back further than that, because some of my ideas came from way, way back in the sort of Gen Kelly days for the star for the stair, you know, some of the old dancers. And so it was all black and white says something. So I might see if I can copy one of them. I'm not sure if I can do that legal I'll have a look. Maybe there's a way I can duplicate some of those dance moves and add them into my works. Because certainly, the motivation was things like Run DMC, where they put the two bands together Run DMC, then obviously it was an issue with the bands from the 70s to the 50s I believe that was quite a good piece of music and a good dance by all so who knows maybe maybe it's something can the old boy yet that can put things together. So dance pop. Poplock Paul on YouTube. Yep. So something to think about. Anyway, I should leave you with that. But that's my mission for 2022 is we're going to try and do everything we did before. So there'll be a little list coming up shortly. Like the parades and venues, the charities. Who knows let's see what we can do a okay.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

Dancing Martial Arts.
So that with dancing, I found that I've been wanting to do dance and martial arts as obviously. So at one point, I tried to segregate my martial arts into one sort of area. Henceforth figma. And there was dance, martial art dance was my own thing, teaching people how to do martial arts via dancing, and I will still continue that. So, but who knows about the dancing side, I don't know if I'm gonna Upper School. I certainly don't wanna be spitting on my back on the floor. But I do like the synchronised dancing the moves doing together. I've got certain footwork, which is peculiar to the way that we do here. I've tried to encourage people, but I think people come on board for something sometimes for a few videos, sometimes one video, sometimes a few videos, and then they lose track because things happen, the life happens. But era mom still dancing sort of. Well, seriously, since 2007. So we're now in 2022. So that was 2007. Kind of think probably, to be honest truth. So I suppose that's 22 minus 17. Minus seven. That's right. That didn't make sense for a second. So this is theoretically, I've done 15 years or so afterward that people don't want. I'm sure it's more than that. But yeah, if you say this is 15, year 15. Summer, then with the dancing some time, you know, I obviously did it before then I mean, in the 80s, I was there with the the robots, and that we certainly did what we called body popping. What size poses now called Popping. We also did locking, which makes me sort of bit a bit unique, because I think the locking is harder than the popping more because of the moves and the way you have to roll the wrists. But for dancing is a healthy, certainly helped me keep sleeping. I mean, I know I look a little bit round. But I was at one point, especially when I was ill 21.2. Stone. And I managed to get my weight down to 18 at the moment, and I'm still losing weight. Because I'm back on the road, more extensively training, if anything. One point I stopped training, I'm still losing weight, that is about the diet. So I'd use intermittent dive intermittent, I use intermittent fasting, so it means I don't I just drink water for 12 to 14 hours, I mean, you can have your sleeping session can be part of your, you know, intermittent fasting because your body isn't being fed. Sometimes I'll Fast Five, six hours before asleep. I'll get up after four or five hours, and I do feel thinner, more dehydrated, obviously. So I will drink home, I might go off do a walk or a run. Keys are busy, you're not so hungry. You know, it's when you allow yourself to have those snacks. And I shouldn't really I know. But so easy when you have some time that you start thinking I need something to eat, you will have a snack and eat a snack and then you it becomes a habit and then it's it can become those extra kilogrammes, you know or pounds around the old based. I've been ill a few times in the past. About a few good years now. So I'm trying to, you know, stay stay away from anything that'll get me ill or injured. And, yeah, I seem to be losing weight again. So it's good. But dancing is part of my regime, I could do that any day on my own, you know. So I'm starting to do some sort of footwork, and I'm gonna call it that. There's some unique moves we've got. So I'm going to work up on those. You know, I've worked as a pro dancers, and I've raised I've also been a professional martial artist, I've been in the ring. A few years ago, I was boxing to raise money for homeless veterans. I don't know, what else can we do? I mean, maybe we can do some sort of charity work. I don't think we can do causes locally because I think the fact that the social element is gone, and trust me it's gone and Boger at the moment, is that trying to encourage people to get together is hard because a pandemic but I've had an offer today and I'm thinking yeah, I might take him on and see what he's willing to do. So yeah, I'm going to get his details later on and add into Facebook and we'll get a coffee down on bark and see if he if he's gonna be happy being filmed. He certainly wants to meet people. He likes to dancing and that so we'll see. We'll see. I'm sort of interested. Who knows what can happen sometimes you just Gotta push the boat out. We're certainly not dead in the water. I mean, obviously, just calm down. Honestly, you're ready to go and do things. So, you know, what was the point? I mean, someone said I should have a bigger niche. But what give up dancer become a DJ, plenty of DJs around. You know, it doesn't mean that I'm not looking at the things I'm thinking about doing sci fi dance videos. So we've been lucky we'll do a bit of experimentation during the year of the screen screens and CGI then who knows what's going to happen? So yeah, I'm looking forward to this year. I've got some plans. I'm rolling them out. You know, I think what people got to think of is I may not seem to done law, but I'm only one man, you know, the company was doing it that have more people and more resources. You know, I've got very little to help me. Very little backing. But we'll see. Gotta keep pushing sometimes, you know. Okay. Goodbye for now.
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Bognor 259 Website
We have had Bognor259 dot com since 2007 I believe when I branched away from building amatuer websites for hobbies and worked alongside many people who were trained in building websites, especially a bunch who used to help out with the rox between 2007 and 2017 and also were running a web company back then called 'Webkarma' I believe.

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