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Dance pop in the eighties right up to now the hip hop era in 2022 and still going strong, I was there in the robotic age 1980 and in the bodypopping 1984 year in the uk, many of us would crack shapes & move to the grooves to be creative.
Be there or be square as some would say!

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Dance-pop is known for being highly eclectic, having borrowed influences from other genres, which varied by producers, artists and periods. Such include contemporary R&B, house, trance, techno, electropop, new jack swing, funk and pop rock.

Eighties Robotic Dance.
I'm actually on the walk at the moment, but I'm going to talk about dancing in the 80s. So we used to hang out this place called Mecca. It's getting called ritzy in Portsmouth style clothes shop. There were other places like Fifth Avenue, which was Nero's at one point honkytonk bar. And obviously Joanna's, remember that email John has which I used to get him because at a naval card was paid by the Navy. So I had my card would get me in. There were other places Gatsby's there was a place in North End. Could that be gets me so there was a little place like a restaurant with a club. So of course, in the evening, people will be eating their meals or he was stamping upon what was really like someone's front room. So big it was the fact I don't think you could actually fit 100 people in there, but we went there occasionally. Yeah, so dancing. Apart from that one that will play someone's front room, I sort of stopped going there to Walker's blog got bit funny about the dancing wanted me to go there often. But in light of that if I went down to the floor, which was part of the routine, so I feel very awkward really. So when Fifth Avenue was good, except one day when they polish the floor. I went to do a windmill ended up doing a flyer. So there I'm hanging on grimly for dear life. As I gyrated on the floor, doing a what looks like a back spin. But also turn with a body usually likes to generate a certain amount of power and dominance for ages. So yeah, there's a good days, you know, of course robotics in the 80s. There was body popping in 84. May. I was part of that. And yeah, we used to have competitions up and down Portsmouth. Quite a lot of people really fail. I saw one of in Bournemouth that might be Brighton I think Brian are born frightened. I think there's a film, I'm sure go do this headspin with some of the unused know from the bad days and Portsmouth when Mecca was the place to be which was a good nightclub Fortus closed down, there's nowhere to go to find the old people to start a group up hopefully saving get some of us together but that's not gonna happen. Because like I say, what might mean some of the old dancers see what they're doing. You know, if there's any old dancers, but I've got a few people on the group 234 100 people I think and no one no one seems to be anyone I remember. And again, Mecca was like the size of two football pitches. You know, you'd have caught 1000 people in there easy I reckon. And then they'd be fifth avenue that was a pretty big place but when I took someone to have a look it was all being knocked down to my son wants to have a look and all the nightclubs on VSR pray pier were all being knocked down because apparently is a fire the buildings were weakened. So it's a I don't know what they're making there now probably flats, I guess. So much for the old entertainment doesn't seem to be respected. Like it used to be you know. So it's harder. What sort of future Have I got this dancer? Well, I think I'm definitely gonna do videos. Certainly I do think will be online. Maybe I can rekindle some of that sort of spirit. We will say hey, life is what it is. Okay, I'm going to cut off and I think of somebody else to speak about in a minute. But yeah, dancing in the 80s robotics in the 80s 84 body popping, obviously breaking. In fact, body Puppy was breaking at one point for some reason, then it all got came under the umbrella of hip hop. But I was away for a few years, so I sort of missed that part of it. But I still try to dance and who knows maybe I can make some magic work. A few moves can bring world peace I reckon. I hope so. Alright, over and out.
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Dancepop b259 dot UK
Dance-pop is known for being highly eclectic, having borrowed influences from other genres, which varied by producers, artists and periods. Such include contemporary R&B, house, trance, techno, electropop, new jack swing, funk and pop rock.

MA Dance Syllabus
So, I tried to use a system which originally was designed for martial arts check form, to form a try to to sort of try to do a sort of martial art style of dancing or based on the idea that you do suddenly moves and suddenly stars and you would earn a certain level. So I might even look into that again. The martial art side is very hard these days, I'm in hell who wants to hear from a 58 year old, you know, the experience I've got, as my son says, It's a pity. But I don't utilise it somehow, I don't know, run up a club or haul, you know, because I know a lot of stuff which works. After fat. I'm gonna go get back to him. So yeah, I trained I've trained people over the years, decades, you know, over 1000 people in in self defence, something we're doormen because at one time, we had to train people up who I've worked with. And I think everywhere every new is the dancing doormen at one point, especially sort of between, I would say, 2010 and 2014. You know, what are some tough doors 2007 onwards. So for run by that time, there was a fan that I like dancing. You know, I'm not a violent person by nature. In fact, I'm probably like a plant heater at the beginning. But I have had to use a certain amount of force at times to restrain people, and it's certainly a victim, because they'd be kicking off or whatever. So the dancing, you could say, came from martial arts, by the way of marking people and you know, there was a level of okay, that's one dance. And that will lead to another one. And I still sort of use that in a way not such a sort of 10 by 10. Grid. But it's like, they'll change so many styles on a workout, what will work, go from one star to another and sometimes even mix them so sometimes I'll do my arm lock, locking points and poses. And then I do some footwork along with it I've used or contain what I've used, there is a form of art rock. But I've also used pat downs, or elements of tap dance is a street style of tap dance, if you wish, of Oh, I think I'm going to have to sort of work on that more at the moment. And that might be my 2020 objective. But also was it the style it wasn't called random dancing. I've seen it in certain places. So there's rock traffic level one because tap dance goes all the way back before 1900. I wouldn't say use the Lindy dance. I've I've dancer a few people do rock and rock and roll when I was younger, and I put a couple of my videos there is another style, the Charleston trust in the course. So I've used that I did do salsa for a while. And sometimes I have used that footwork. But I say Charleston's more easy for me if I'm doing something very quickly off the cuff. So yeah, so you could say that's footwork, dancing. Whilst I was capable of some of it in the, the 80s was doing robotic lock here, it all come together, then it's hard to imagine, when I put it all together, I think it was a progression over the years, you know, and I forgot some stuff and he'll be useful either Charlson and then later on, but I use that and put the moves to it. And while it works, you know, it was some music and some styles and some routines. So yeah, I've liked I love dancing as you can probably gather, it's the one thing I can do without having to hurt people was the martial arts. Well, here we go. Anyway, I'm gonna leave you with that. As some of the footwork that I use and the way I use it. And yes, I use a martial art marking system are designed to sort of pyramid structure where you say you take two stars, and then you move to the next level where you put the two together. And some places I've only done like freedom styles are four. There's another two boxes. And then finally, there's a final box for the final act. So yeah, put things together. I'm surprised a lot of people don't notice that some people do some martial arts. And only a second down, but no. I added that into my routine. Anyway, I'll leave you with that. So yes, I do have a lot of martial arts in my dance routine. So I'll say bye for now.
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