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Now I'm going to call this good manly language. And by that is I used to swear once every other word, there often was a swear word, it took me awhile to stop swearing. Whilst working as a Door Supervisor faced with an idiot or numpty, there were times I would drag out the degree shredder and just mow them down.

Good Manly Language.
Now I'm going to call this good manly language. And by that is I used to swear once believer not every second word was a swear word how i did i don't know now, but I know I got into that way. Possibly when I was younger I was in the foot forces. That's my excuse, but also being a school is bad language. I wasn't born that way. But someone on the line. And sometimes in my life, I've just learned to use bad language. But I came to a point when they realised that my bad language, especially when there's infancy, a few of the people just wasn't on an envelope full, I'm going to run a club for kids martial art club, I thought, yeah, maybe not a sort of martial art dancing club. The last image I wanted was people knowing that I could swear, which was quite good. Actually. Sometimes if I got into a fight, the torrent of abuse came out, I would make most Tourette's look quite tame. By the way I'd use the harsher language if you wish. So good manly language, very good, especially doing business. I could be wrong. And then I do let the word slip. And it's sort of knowing a little bit because even now, even though I try to say good things, mostly sometimes on laughs, lips and outcomes. So you want to love the bad language off, especially if you're going to do business you want to work with kids? Just basically, life. You know, I've seen a few people swear and I tell No, I never noticed when I was younger, I've got a tape recorder which I still had the recording because it was a minimum mate of mine, who's talking about how cheap fell off his plate and crushed a mate. Because we're talking about the cooking and trust me if every other lead has an F and B and it just seemed hilarious at the time in how a freaking chip fell off the freaking plate and crushes freaking mate. So you can imagine every two three letter words is a swear word. We just spoke it fluently. It was only when I watched the tape. Many years ago now I think the tapes gone. For crikey you know, that's awful. Then I sort of over people now for doesn't really look good. Maybe I should stop swearing. And so it took me a while. And we can do this, too, a few weeks or a few months. And I even got my friends to take part A I'm going to try and stop swearing and yeah, the few times I've flew a few words out but then now I hardly ever swear because I don't feel the need for it. So good manly language. Yeah, especially if you're meeting a lady of the appreciate because I think most ladies, if you notice swear I mean some do. But women don't appreciate bad language generally. So if you're trying to impress a lady, I think the last thing you want to do is swear you head off. Being funny. Yes, great. swearing and being funny. Sometimes it's two different things. So with that, it's good to have good manly language.
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Dignity Shredder
So, dignity Shredder, what is one of those work in the door for a long time I've seen some Tormund swear people get vulgar. Some Toleman one in particular he was very sarcastic. i This will rub off on me after a while and I used to call it the dignity Shredder, and someone could became an idiot. Then I would drag out the degree shredder and just mow them down. When I came up to me said, Yo, what if I just punch you walk through to the bottom because he was drunk. He turned around and said, Rob, I turn around him said, I tell you what, you start throwing punches are watching for about a minute. And when I get bored, I join in. And he just stood there blink. Didn't expect that, did you? I guess what? Comes the degrees rather, he was torn down a little bit more. And said at the end of the day, if you notice, I don't care. Fact, I want you to have a go because I'm on camera. When you lift your hand you have a go. You're getting nicked for assault, I'll be gladly put you on the floor in a restraint position. Not a problem. We can play that game as you want. I can play that all night long. In fact, I do. You know the difference between the kindergarten person is working in little kindergarten to me is that the kids I play with a Volvo think they've got something special and quite often drunk. And probably what's the word? Violent? Yes, that's a good word. Also, you have another one there. But violent and drunk. So I have to deal with with kids. Also a little kid, he's probably only a few stone, whereas most adults are 14 to 24 stone. So they're a bit more of a challenge. And some even carry odd things with like sticks, stones, bottles, classes, and all sorts of cutting implements, even the shotgun and at one time flamer. So things to watch out for Dingley shredders, mostly they're really when you've got some media, just one CO and you've just had enough and rather than blow up, I find it funny to point out their inadequacies and problems. It's not a problem. I can do that all night long. But I try not to use the dignity shredder set in dire emergencies or at the moment and apocalypse is about to begin. i The person is so drunk and starts waving his umbrella around like a member of the 300. Yes, that's happened numerous times. I can't I can tell you so many stories of violence, but I try to avoid it to be honest truth. After all, that being stabbed by somebody with an umbrella is not a pleasant experience. But it's entertainment. I find it funny. And who knows if you were on the door long enough, after six months, you'd start seeing the funny side of people's bad reactions. When you say sorry, mate, you're drunk. You can't come in and they start threatening and you're like, you know what, I get that three times a night so good luck with that one. Because you ain't getting in that's a good omen. When the smiles turn around goes, you're still bad. Bye. So there we go. digney Shredder. I can think of other stories and maybe I'll follow this one up later on. Just remember that you pick an adornment don't do expect them to drag out the dignity forever and they will just mow you down.
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