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I created this Friday 7th January 2022 as a Project Webpage 2022 to keep a series of articles with updates like below for future reference, I am looking into adding a podcast maybe linked here, I did 4 today & this is the translation of those wma sound-files. I will cover too Websites for Entertainment such as Music, Dance, Martial Arts Fitness & Stories. Also includes gaming & other ideas that have been seperated but useful in achieving many things under the Web-Project we have been running since 2007 upto current times.

Mad 1 Intro Project 2022?
Project 2022 is not just the dancing, there's other things involved, it's the dream of bringing heaven to earth with peace & goodwill to all people. Sometimes I speed walking or hiking is probably four to five miles per hour, it also gives me a chance to think and mentally visualize what I want to achieve and how to make that happen.

What About Project 2022?
Project 2022. We're going to try and relive the last 10 to 15 years, 15 years, you know, of entertainment and see if I can actually improve upon that what I've done. The problem with Project 2022 is that there's very few events and parades, you know. We may be returning to normal, I'm seeing things happening. But I think, as a basic rule, I'm going to start still do some videos, but I want to do some with sort of a sci fi and stuff.

Dancepop In Project 2022.
I was talking to a friend of mine about dance in the 2010 of all things. Can you imagine that 12 years ago, we did on a lorry, some of the places we did and in Hotham Park of Bognor Regis. So dance puppet is gonna go back to the 80s kind of bring those moves and modernise them. We may even go back further than that, because some of my ideas came from way, way back. Before 1900 and into 1920 with the Charleston, Lindy hop, rock and roll etc.

Hiking In Project 2022.
Maybe, maybe hiking and orienteering, pioneering, you know, that sort of stuff. I mean, these days, I think you really need a compass or GPS. You can have GPS, I do have a GPS tracker for tracking, believe it or not one of those old yellow things etrek, and I've got kind of grey ones, which apparently are, further advance, so I might use those on a couple of hikes later. I also have a fitbit tracker, whilst it does not map it does give time, distance and calorie burn sessions etc.

SEO Talk 1a Project 2022.
So the question is, what do I do with web site Bogner259 dot com, it's going to be an interesting one considering how long I have had it. I'm thinking about trying to do 10 pages at the moment, and I believe I've got six with over 1000 words each and a total of over 9000 words. With this post I am now easily over 10,000 words for 7 pages, I need to add a counter and a place for the stats which eveyone can view, in a few hours or days this will hit some of the search engines and the trickle of visitors will probably & hopefully turn into a tidal wave of visitors.

Dance in 1980 & Music Entertainment Rocked.
I'm going to talk about dancing in the 80's, when we used to hang out this nightclub place called Mecca in Portsmouth, uk. Back then we did the party robot or at times the robot dance, where we would mimic a robot and bleep to the bleep, great times indeed. Some music was Rocket by Herbie Hancock, kraftwork did some good stuff too like tour de france. Mecca was like the size of two football pitches, you'd have got 1000 people in there easy I reckon. And then they'd be fifth avenue that was a pretty big place too.

Fitma or Fitness Martial Arts Webpage.
A few ideas about Martial Arts & Fitness, from what could be the best style which works for Police & Security although it no longer seems to be practised anymore. Although Ju Jitsu is a great style something like boxing is also a great defence and addition to ones training regime, using pushing hands instead of jabs & punches and using the arms to block incoming strikes would be an advantage and being able to take the knocks and keep control is a good thing.

Code of conduct...
I'm gonna talk about your customer, you got to look after your customers before someone else does. As I said, I always try to look at a new customer and listen to what they say before makeing or taking an impression upon their, mine, our first interaction. Are we in some sort of giant simulator or movie where inverse things are sent to try us, try to be nice when you meet people and you might find things will work out a whole lot better & nicer in the long run. Who wants to be abused, being nice helps earn trust.

Look After Your Customer Before...
I'm gonna talk about your customer, you got to look after your customers before someone else does. As I said, I always try to look at a new customer and listen to what they say before makeing or taking an impression upon their, mine, our first interaction. Are we in some sort of giant simulator or movie where inverse things are sent to try us, try to be nice when you meet people and you might find things will work out a whole lot better & nicer in the long run. Who wants to be abused, being nice helps earn trust.

Golden currency an stuff
Golden backed currency for a better economy, is that part of the reset and what about chest pains in athletes?
Health passports. control and what about National pride & security, I wonder a lot about these things as we seem to be spiraling out of control.
Are we in some sort of giant simulator or movie where inverse things are sent to try us as I wonder which direction we are going next?

Dancepop b259 dot UK
I definitely want to talk about dance pop in the 80s. There was robotic Pop Lock or roll robot robotics as people used to call it in the 80s. We used to do this in Portsmouth at first in Mecca when funky town was in fashion. Mecca, became glitzy later and then was closed down, unfortunately. But in the 80s Mecca was the place to be. There were over nightclubs in Portsmouth, UK. And then in 84, street dance UK. That was all the rage it ran about May 84. And so the term or body popping appeared or so, yes, so in the 80s, there was quite a lot of dancing. I used to dance every weekend, at least, disco sort of came went. But it was more nightclubs. So disco venues sort of quickly vanished. There still was rock and roll in some places in Portsmouth, especially in the Guild Hall. There was pouting in a guild or there was also bands from Glenn Miller age, the American band used to be there, I used to go down there and do some rock and roll or bopping as was calling them days. But there is another style of boppin or dance robot as we used to call it in the 80s. And done. So yeah, there was the robot dance, but not like as robotics as we know it. But it's down to the legs, then hands come back to shoulder high. And that was basically that the dance there was a sort of groove to you know, I still use it now to warm up. So and that's the basics of pop locking was dance robot, at least in Portsmouth in 1984. And indeed, in the 80s when we were doing the robot quite a lot. And Funkytown was around in a clerk thing, and some of those songs would have been in Top of the Pops which went on for quite a few years. That Top of the Pops, I'd watch it and I'd probably be out buying the records at some point over the next week or two.
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Fitma Website
As an Experiened & Qualified Instructor currently under the BCA Association, I seek to share my way of self defence & philosophy of life, this includes Martial Art Fitness ideas we constantly test & push. This includes diet & fitbit stats as we try to inspire everyone of all ages & stuff to start with the best self defence of them all which is running.
Least not is fitma free. So yeah figma free martial arts. Currently I'm doing Boxing, boxing, fitness and jujitsu. We used to call grapple boxing, but I suppose we could call it martial art fitness used to be into the ring, doing ring fights in 2018. And 2019 was my last little sort of attempt, we raised money for homeless veterans, several 1000 Actually, for member on a 10 to 10 to 12 grand. So that was quite good. So now I'm still a licenced instructor, fully qualified, and very, very experienced having done it ever since I was 10 I'm now 58 So that's what 38 and a half years you know, so I must have learned a thing or two and that time, I do some of the martial arts alongside of my dancing. So there is a link between dance pop and fitmo we say fitness because martial art fitness MAF. So martial art fitness, but fitness I mean, it's doesn't seem to be spoken by other people. So I'm going to use the term fitness, fitness martial arts FMA fitment fit Ma. So quite a deal on the fitness rather than being craft. And hopefully maybe we can break a few records and encourage and inspire other people to basically fit because I think fitness is a thing that's not really been addressed lately. And I think that the nation is becoming so used to games and stuff and films. You know, getting out and getting a bit of fitness seems to be a lost art. But I think we have a bit of inspiration and encouragement. We can help people to reach levels of fitness. I'm actually looking at doing an online course later on and maybe even the theoretical course so I will post that when it when it comes up. Thank you
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Bognor259 Website
This is a popular update. It's Friday the seventh of January. I'm here to talk about entertainment, mainly music and dance with a touch of gaming. Last year we had 465,000 Plus visitors to websites. We have made this year, we have retracted some of the websites. But we will still be making articles, pictures and videos of course will be mentioned the filming of our dance, etc. And I'll be adding some of the work I'm creating into those videos, which at the moment is mainly on YouTube. We'll also be doing some martial arts, more martial arts this year. Still licenced and ensure to train people. So that will be on the website fitma dot B 259 dot UK we'll also be doing some dance pop. That includes electronic music. I'll still be promoting for you. That may be by UK search included and we'll be making more videos also. So expect more articles, pictures and videos throughout 2022
Bognor259 Update Saturday 7th January 2022
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Fitma Website
Mental Martial Arts
So something I don't cook, cover marches mental martial arts. In a way, in my life coach, I do have a certificate. And I think this year 2022, I'm going to work more on that an online course training. Maybe I will do. Mostly that the sort of life coaching I'm talking about is skiing over events getting ready for the ring, putting people in the ring. But I think it also should be to encourage and inspire people to better fitness. So we'll be doing more fitness type things. But also even in fitness one can There's levels of fitness, so we need to sort of focus on helping people to go from one level to another without making them feel bad. You know, I mean, you can, sometimes people might make it the thing, oh, you know, I'm not at that level and defeat themselves. So what we're going to do is identify where people will stop and help them reach to the next level. So that's what I would call mental martial arts, life code, that's probably codes of conduct, conduct. The reason of codes of conduct is what people realise is level why do we need you know, those people that sort of fought against that never really went for our code of conduct, even though sort of seems to be restrictive? And about what not what you can do? You know, you got to limit yourself sometimes just going flat, and everybody isn't the answer, even though sometimes you'd want to, say mental martial arts as being tough on the inside, in a toughness, having the strength to take the bigger than to pick the battles, really the battles that really worth fighting, not the small battles, which actually we'll just weigh you down, you know, you have 100 fights, you're going to get a bit worn out on you. But if you only have 10 fights, and then that one, the fight that you need to fight, then you've got more chance of getting through more fighting, more chance of injury, and as physical and mental, less fighting, but more preparation and, you know, keep yourself healthy, you've got more chance of survival and success. And that's what we're talking about achieve achieve achieve success as a key
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