B259 UK Website, updates on our latest amusements & lifestyle info & news in music, dance, videos & stuff we perform to share.

Amusements & Lifestyle, Updates on our latest posts, pods, vlogs & blogs.
Old news - We are covering several things such as Music, dance & entertainment. We also cover Filming, Security & Martial Arts. We have updated Sunday about these things and some new gaming info.

Security G10 Review Website
Sun 21st May 2023 Security Update. I am reviewing this website, if your looking for Professional Security Service then this is for you. We believe that professional security should be about more than just protecting your business.
Crypto HDD Mining Updates
Here is one currency I hope to cover in this part of the web project 'Crypto HDD Mining, I aim to run a series of posts & videos from Saturday 1st July 2023, mainly about mining crypto on HDD or hard disk drives, I have been mining some other crypto via GPU, etc.
Fitma Website
Our mixture of Martial Arts, Fitness & other health stuff.
Website for Fitness Martial Arts & Fitbit in an 'Entertainment' way.
At the moment there is a change happening in the UK where WakoGB will be going to Kickboxing UK !!
Dance Pop Website
'Bognor Dancer Poplock' street dancing since the 'eighties'.
Poplock Paul is known for being highly eclectic, having borrowed influences from other genres of dance music styles.
Gaming Website
Sun 21st May 2023 Gaming Update. Website will either get minecraft or Survival Colony instead or I will find a browser game. At the moment I am looking at making a Bitcoin-Gaming website. I have found quite a few bitcoin games which I shall be sharing when I have tested them & will be reviewing them before I update this website to avoid posting terrible games.
The Real Peoples Party Review Website
I discuss politics with the Leader Mark Coyle, all these were gathered so we can share & explore ideas & maybe come up with some questions & answers as we think-tank our way through the political mayhem as we try to make our country great again.
Music & Band Website
Entertainment website for music & dance, which includes bands & venues, which I will film mostly in Bognor Regis though not all the bands or videos will come from Bognor Regis as some bands come from other places.
Huff in the Bognor Regis town centre.
Chat for B259 Website Users
A text chat room for all, a place to hang out online & discuss stuff. This site was updated with a chat room, having searched high & low I decided this would make a great tool for communications. I'm sure this will help give a voice to visitors of the B259 Websites
Reformed Uk Search for B259 Website
UK Search For B259 Website. We decided to put this site together for our updates of news & info we think you might enjoy, reformed for 2023 & maybe 2024 all being well. Due to WP exploits we have decided to revamp this website to PHP & databases.
Project B259 Uk Website
I will teach via this site how to blog & promote, I will also reward pagers with bonus web visitors in my network for achieving certain objectives to be listed. In 21-22 I attracted over 1 million web visitors & shared that out so in 23-24 I should do that or more.
B259 Podcast Blogging Website
Podcast blogging website for B259 & Poplock Paul about Bitcoin, Security, Dance Pop & several other things. I am using this to build a reference of useful ideas for future progress & to keep past ideas for future development.
Bognorwood Website
Bognerwood, my story board for stories to be used for dances & games, etc. It's an idea of mine, sort of story idea. And stories you provide some good ideas for other things, even more stories. In this story, there'll be some kind of special of race because I have some aliens somewhere.

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Dance, Music, Fitness & Entertainment I cover.
Also covered is Security, Martial Arts & other stuff I feel is connected to our web project.

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